Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am about to throw a *major* hissy fit.

So I got yet another rejection letter through. What is the matter with me? I'm competent, a hard worker - if they would just even give me an interview, I'd feel better, that I at least have a chance to sell myself. Have another few applications to do today.

Oh, and I noticed some small print about my contact lense trial. Now, firstly, I only got given the leaflet about the trial after I was fitted with them and the whole thing. It told me the trial price was £30, which is frankly rather bloody steep. My own fault, I should've checked. But they didn't volunteer the information either. Now I find out that apparently, I'm obligated to sign up for and pay for three months worth of kit. Again, they didn't mention this either. I am fecked off.

God, this year started so well, and seems to have severly gone tits up. It's just a bad patch is all. I'll get there. Today I feel I should try and come up with something creative to do to cheer myself up. Being fed up is getting me nowhere. Positivity just takes up so much energy.

Stay tuned, as I'm determined to come up with something creative to post here in an effort to hoist myself out of this pit of despair.

All in all, today's been a bit of a bummer.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Sam said...


The above should cheer you up a bit - it launches Sept 3rd. Mr Bryson has his own offixcal UK site. I got the book this morning, so I am looking forward to settling in for a quiet evenings reading tonight.

Sorry about your job applications, that sucks. Keep at it. (she says trying not tosound really patronising!)

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Inspector Monkfish said...

I'm confused though.

Are we supposed to be looking forward to something creative, or a *major* hissy fit? ;)

Ahhha, perhaps you're going to throw a *major* hissy fit in a creative way?

Uh, ok, I'm thinking I'm not helping ;)

Look, I'll tell you what, seeings as I have no idea of what to helpfully or inspirationally say, could you manage to just take some good sentiments from this and make up something inspiring yourself?
Thanks, that would be a great help ;)

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think IM you might be onto something - I'd love to see a creative hissy fit...

Bad luck on the job applications Suz - as sam says stick at it - have you thought about doing volunteering to get some experience? We take on loads of people that way (former volunteers) and even pay travel and lunch whilst they are voluntering, although sadly we are a few hundred miles from Glasgow...

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Suz said...

"Ahhha, perhaps you're going to throw a *major* hissy fit in a creative way?" - now there's an idea! Nah, I did take a photo I liked, but I can't seem to uplaod it.

Yes, I'm going to look into volunteering - though I've found another five jobs to apply for, so wish me luck!

PS - anyone know why comments aren't showing up under the posts?


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