Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another party. Even more tired now.

This time it was G's flatwarming barbecue in Edinburgh. There were lots of people there, but I counted a grand total of four Scots. Every other nation was well represented, though. Tom, being an Aussie man, took charge of the barbie. There was food aplenty and I ate too much. Men lots of fantastic people, including Aussie brothers Dash and Eddie, who earned a permanant place in our good books because they helped us to tidy up, G's flatmates and one of her castmates and plenty of other rather nice people. Didn't get to bed till 4.30am and back up at 9.30am so feeling a bit sleepy and not very alert now.

Tomorrow, I shall attempt to write up a decent, entertaining post as the last few have been a bit pants, I fear.

Now, it's time for food, and then me bed!


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