Friday, July 21, 2006

Tea Enthusing

I have lot of teas. I am in fact the doyenne of teas - both herbal tinctures and more traditional caffeinated beverages. I remember I brought someone into my house for a cup of tea and I asked what variety would they like. This meant I really would have to go through the list of what was available, so instead I just opened the cupboard. And he responded by looking rather horrified at the vast the choice. So I took the easy option and said “Earl Grey?” (I think he was relieved.) Which he proceeded to drink with milk in it. Philistine!

I always promise that I won’t add to my collection, but it’s an addiction. I just can’t help myself. Right now I’ve got my eye on a cheeky little number - Lime Blossom Herbal Infusion from Whittard. A steal at just £2.40 per 50g. Oh, I should never have looked at the website - Aniseed and Elderflowers is calling out to me as well, now.

I’m especially fond of Chai - hot, spicy, milky tea sweetened with honey. Delicious. This is my usual when I go to the coffee house/café/whatever your preferred name for it is. Although, just to be daring and throw caution to the wind (I’m that kinda gal) the other day I ordered - get this - an iced chai. Sometimes I marvel at my own audaciousness.

Of course all this is not to say that I’m not partial to a nice cup of coffee (I think I may have mentioned this before?) especially when eating cake. I’m still hankering after that stove-top moka.

Though right now I shall satisfy myself with a refreshing cup of fennel.

Oh, and I do believe whatever your beverage of choice is, it tastes better out of a nice cup. Strange, but true.


At 12:26 AM, Blogger Inspector Monkfish said...

Strangely enough, I thought about making a post about tea today!

Although I must admit, it was from a somewhat different perspective :)

I didn't properly start drinking tea until I started work. Before that, I'd very occasionally have one. But eventually, when you make it for other people and they keep making it for you, I fell into the habit pretty quickly ;) I can easily have 4-6 cups a day while at work now.
Or rather, in the winter I can. Today I had two cups. Most of this week I've just been having the one (first thing in the morning).

Oh, with milk and sugar, I'm afraid ;)

But at the moment... I know people say that "Oh, a nice hot tea makes you feel cooler", but I tell you, all it feels like it does to me is make me even hotter!
I reckon only people who are addicted to them make up this "it makes you cooler" nonsense ;)

I do however tend to drink only the finest quality, strongly flavoured tea.

PG Tips counts as that, right? ;)

I had an iced tea recently. Didn't like it.

At 12:58 AM, Blogger Inspector Monkfish said...

Oh, and as for the "nice cup" comment... :)

We have a whole bunch of mugs at work. We use clean ones each round and stick the dishwasher on at the end of the day.
Some mugs are definitely better than others :)

Now, you may wonder how on Earth the following story is linked to tea :) And you'd be right to do so ;)

Now, some years ago, with Windows 95 and Windows 98, there was a popular theme called "Dangerous Creatures".

Now, said theme changed the colours, the mousecursor, and the desktop wallpaper.

And it also changed all the sounds that come with Windows. It had growly things, and all sorts of dangerous-sounding creatures. Er, and a frog.

M'learned colleague used said theme on his PC at work.

One day, I was thinking about this, and I thought of something that I thought would be rather amusing...

I recorded a whole set of new sounds of myself going "grr!" and "ribbit!" and "squeak!" (or whatever) and installed them on his PC when he wasn't at it :)
Consequently, all of those original "Dangerous Creatures" noises had been replaced by a rather silly set of sounds of me ;)

It was quite amusing, although I admit you probably had to be there ;)

ANYWAY ;) One of our mugs has a cartoon lion on it. Said colleague always makes my tea in that mug when he does a round, because of this Dangerous Creatures thing :)

I'm now thinking that that story may not appear as amusing in my memories ;)

I'll get me coat. ;)


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