Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Fringe, soba noodles and being star-struck

This is another post with various unrelated items. I tried to find a link, but alas, I couldn't.

I'm about to make a stunning confession: I have never been to the Edinburgh Fringe. Now considering I was a media student, enjoy all forms of art, have friends who are actors and writers, and live in Scotland, this has been an appalling oversight on my part. However, all that is set to change this year. I have a friend who is starring in a play which I shall be going to see. (And quite possibly terrorising the cast with my camera while I'm at it.) Not only that, but I should never have picked up the latest edition of the list. I just keep seeing more and more events I want to go to. I think I shall be very used to kipping on my friend's floor by the end of August.

Yesterday was spent having lunch, drinking copious amount of coffee and touring the delis with my mum. I could spend a fortune - a fortune - in these places. I don't know how I managed to restrain myself. All I bought were some very groovy retro-patterned muffin cases, garlic butter and a packet of soba noodles. I also had an author-spotting. Now, most people get excited about celeb-spotting - but not me. Give me a good author anyday. I saw Zoe Strachan (well, I'm fairly certain it was her. I've met her as well, so it will be doubley embarrassing if it wasn't) in one of the deli/restaurants we visited. I would've said hello, but being me I had a fear that she would get that look on her face - you know, the look that says, "I have no idea whatsoever who you are, but I'll smile and say hello to be polite and get rid of this weirdo." Either that or it wasn't her at all, and I really was a weirdo. When I met Bill Bryson at his book signing and he shook my hand, it made my week. I've spotted rock stars and movie stars, but I get giddier meeting an author I respect. I think that almost sums me up, actually. Oh dear - I really am a geek.

The aforementioned noodles were used this evening in a very delicious (if I do say so myself) beef yaki soba. No matter how knackered I am, I can always find the energy to cook. And todday, I am knackered. I spent my Saturday painting my brother's spare-bedroom "Toasted Almond". Well, painted most of it - I'm too much of a short arse to reach the top. Still, I shall be calling in the favour when I buy my own place. Mwahaha.

I think there was more I meant to write in this post, but I've forgotten.


At 1:51 AM, Blogger Inspector Monkfish said...

I think it depends upon your definition of celebrity, doesn't it :)

Good job your brother hadn't got you a pair of Techno-Trousers ;)

I wonder why they give paints such silly names.

At 11:42 AM, Blogger Suz said...

I didn't write that post well! I forgot half the stuff I wanted to put in. Oh, and I meant celeb-spotting and author-spotting as to completely different things - after all, not many authors are also celebrities! I have had both author-spottings, like yesterday, and celeb spottings. Proper rock stars and everything :-D

What exactly are techno-trousers?!

As for the paint names, I always imagine a boardroom full of people in grey (or should that be "Rain Cloud"?) suits syang things like "Ooh, yeah, "Dawn Pink" - I looooove it!"

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Inspector Monkfish said...

"What exactly are techno-trousers?!" she says, whilst having Wallace and Gromit in her favourite movies :)

It's what Wallace calls the Wrong Trousers. Well, I guess I'm presuming you've seen the three short films as well as the long one.

lol, the paint colours reminds me of those Natwest adverts. "Me and my posse have been err laying down some ripping sounds..."

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Suz said...

I have seen the three short mvies as well, but not for yonks! I always called them the 'wrong trousers' anyway!

At 2:35 PM, Blogger Inspector Monkfish said...

Ah sorry, I remember them all quite well :)

When Wallace buys Gromit the trousers for his birthday, he introduces them as "Techno-Trousers! They're ex-NASA!"
It's just after that that Gromit uses them to hang upside down from the ceiling to paint it ;)

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Suz said...

Ah! I'll have to watch them again now. Actually, I think I'll probably get the DVD when I get a bit of cash. I'm a sucker for anything animated.

At 8:46 PM, Blogger Jen said...

Bill Bryson shook your hand? I am in awe.

He is a god, I'm re-reading 'Notes from a Big Country' at this very moment.

At 8:48 PM, Blogger Suz said...

He did indeed! I went to his book signing and when it was my turn, I said that I'd missed his last signing because I was ill, and I was pleased that I'd made it to that one. So he stood up and said, "Oh well, maybe this will make up for it" and shook my hand!! Oh, my, I was so giddy!


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