Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Transitional Analysis

Yesterday was spent in the company of some of the loveliest people I know - A, Rl, N and baba A, and I took a lot of photos (as usual). I was worried that I was annoying them, but I think they're now used to me hollering, "Wait!" Hold it there! Don't moooooove!" I like to think of it almost as a public service - in years to come we can look back at all the (many, many) photos, reminiscing about our youth and the wonderous experiences we all went through together, while saying "I can't believe I went out in public wearing that."

So, the day started off in the Curlers. When I walked in I couldn't see anything for a good ten minutes, due to the transition from bright sunlight to the relative pitch-blackness of the pub. So it's just as well they were sitting next to the door, really. Didn't stay there for long though, tempting as it was, as N couldn't bring the wee man into the pub. So we went to - if you've ever met any of us, you could probably hazard a guess, here - the Tinderbox. We had much fun eating cake and drinking chai while A bemoaned the ridiculous amount of money she spent on toiletries and such for her trip to Uganda. Though, as we pointed out, she may be poor, but she'll be very healthy and smell fantastic.

Then it was home for a spot of tea - I may as well not have bothered, though, because by the time I got home I had a full twenty minutes to relax and unwind before it was back out again, for an even of chilling chez A. Where we consumed even more cake. And quite a lot of pringles as well.

It was all lovely. But there won't be anymore nights like that for a while, sadly - everyone is off globetrotting and doing exciting things or being a mummy. And, God, I'll miss them. But I also couldn't be more proud of them.


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