Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chai, Cake, and Weirdos on the Subway.

Yesterday, N and I decamped to the Tinderbox for a latte and a natter - well, chai in my case, but anyway - and it took forever. Why do people - baristas in this case - say, “I’ll be with you in a minute” when it is patently a lie? Why not just be honest and say “I’ll be with you whenever I can be arsed. Say in about an hour.” I’m doing them a disservice - Tinderbox is still one of my all time favourite places to stuff my gob with calorific treats. And it is not, I repeat not, because the manager is hot, in a sulky, moody, “I’m-hot-and-don’t-I-just-know-it” kinda way. You see I get cranky when I have a chai urge, and it must be fulfilled right away, goddamit!

So anyway, we had a blether about men and hair (what else?) and it was delightful. (N, I’m still gutted I missed the “Where’s my ice-choc!? Where’s my ice-choc!?” episode.) And then the two random guys at the next table started asking me if I was a photographer, because I was photographing the loose change on the table (well, I had to amuse myself somehow when Nik was out for a ciggy.) Only then did it occur to me that not everyone whips out their camera and takes photos of spare change and empty glasses in the middle of frou frou trendy-arse coffee shops. This obsession has taken root well and truly, boys and girls.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the weirdo on the subway who felt compelled to ask us what stop we were getting off at, and to point out we both had red curly hair. No shit, Sherlock. Evidently I missed the best bit, though - after I alighted at my designated stop he gave N an unprompted, and I’m sure most educational, talk on septicaemia. A good effort on his part, but he didn’t quite top silver deely bopper guy in the spectacular weirdness stakes.

As mentioned, my camera obsession continues apace. I actually topped my best efforts yesterday and combined my love of cameras with my love of food. (No, I didn’t eat my camera.) I did however bake an utterly bloody delicious (if I do say so myself) chocolate espresso cake and then I photographed it. And then put the photo up on Flickr. Rock on.

Hm. When writing this a bird flew smack bang into my closed window. Christ on a bike, it freaked me out.


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