Sunday, November 12, 2006

Alas, my muse hath deserted me.

Or, I just cannae write nuffing anymore. Don't know what's happened really - I just can't seem to focus on writing. Other stuff has taken it's place. Namely life and it's various hills and valleys. You see? The preceeding is not a good piece of writing. Sorry.

Haven't done anything with the photography either, except a couple at my graduation, and I was only in them - I didn't take them. Shockingly, even the cooking has gone AWOL. Well, I made choc-chip muffins for my lunch tomorrow, but other than than it's been fairly run of the mill. Oh, except the rather delicious carrot cake I made. Oh, and the choc espresso cake I made to take into work...I'm just contradicting myself here, aren't I?

Right, so, what's new? Well, work is fine. Not thrilling, but fine. And I'm having the same problem as Jen - I'm not motivated with the spending. Which is actually a good thing. I suppose. Just been up to the usual - coffee, cake, tottie-spotting, Edinburgh, cake...and so on.

My lack of motivation has inspired me to, er, get motivated. My copy of the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook will shortly be winging it's way towards me and I'm back on the hunt for media-related jobs. Plus, I'm trying to organise a wee photography trip somewhere with big bro as well. And I quite fancy have a go at snowboarding, too.So things will get a trifle more interesting. I hope.

Now, I'm going to and eat one of the aforementioned muffins. Well, I did make six...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Congraduations to me

Well, I finally graduated. Three long, long years of work. Tears, tantrums, heartbreaks, laughs and strangeness. Essays on Transactional Analysis and lecturers who said, 'I reserve the right to tell you your work isn't good enough. I also reserve the right not to give you a reason why.'
And it's all over. Finished. Done with for good. And do you know, in spite of myself, I got a bit emotional.

Now, don't get me wrong here - I don't miss it. I really, truly don't. Most of it wasn't good. Some of it was too bad too articulate. But I worked bloody hard, and it's been a pretty damn bumpy three years too. You might say, it's end of an era, you might.

So. That's it. Question is, where now?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm sorry, I haven't a clue

how to start this post. I haven't been in the mood to write much recently - too exhausted. *self-pity alert* These early starts are hard work. Work is ok - the people seem nice on the whole, and a couple I get on quite well with. One thing that I knew that has been reinforced is that I really need to get more confidence in myself and be better at sticking up for myself. There was a couple of mistakes made, which really weren't my fault - mis-communication or even just nothing to do with me, and yet I got so upset about them. I really, really need to develop a thicker skin. Something to work on.

What else have I missed? Ah yes, last weekend I went through to Edinburgh, and spent some quality time with some fabulous people. I meant to come back on Saturday night, but frankly, I couldn't be bothered. At 1.30am the doorbell went and Raey flew up squeaking with excitement. Turned out it was G's boyfriend who had driven all the way from Aberdeen to surprise her. And Raey had known all along. I must say, she is a bloody good actress - we didn't have a clue. So the evening was spent eating pizza, garlic bread and nachos and watching some truly, stonkingly, bad movies. Such as Halloween Pt. 344. Oops, sorry, I meant Halloween: Resurrection. Which played more like a comedy that a horror. Or Unconditional Love, which featured Kathy Bates singing and Rupert Everett in a blue sequin suit. Really, you have to see it to believe it. In fact, we did wonder if the pizza had contained some hallucinogen that Pizza Hut had failed to mention, it was that, er, interesting. I tried and failed to get some sleep, so in the end I watched quite a lot of News 24 and then a variety of interesting kids' tv, including an animation about a wee boy who couldn't speak, he just went 'boing boing' instead. On the whole, the weekend had a slightly surrealist touch about it.

I did nothing yesterday. I flumped and that's about it, really. Today, I really do have to get my bum in gear - I've got paperwork to fill out, job application to do, general tidying and I'm going to bake a cake to take to work in celebration of my graduation tomorrow night. Oh, and M and H are coming over for their tea, which I have to make as well. Better skidaddle.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Apologies, readers, for the silence. I have to admit the 7am alarm has worn me down a tad. It has seriously affected my mental faculties, too - for example, my mum booked me a hair appointment yesterday, and I managed to go into the wrong salon. Yes - I went in, told them my name, my appointment and got blank looks. You see, the salon I wanted was in fact three doors down. Thing is, the lady at the desk said, 'ah, you've got an appointment with Audrey? You want a few doors up.' So clearly I'm not the only person who's made this faux-pas. I have to admit, I was so tired, I couldn't be bothered to be embarrassed.

As for the job, it seems to be going quite well. I haven't blown the place up yet, and there always seems to be chocolate in the office, so it's all good if you ask me. Oh, and I finally know my pay date, so I'm happy.

Let me see - hairdo issues, new job...what else? Ah yes, dinner with my big bruv and his gal pal. We went here and the food was nice, though the service was slow. Then again, the service was also rather attractive, so I'll let that one slide. Good evening, really - except for the montrous rain which put a dampener on things, really. Nope - I'm not going to apologise for that awful joke, either.

This weekend will be spent recuperating in the company of my dearest, bestest buddy, G during which time we will no doubt bury ourselves in scandalous gossip and eat a lot of cake. Perfect.

Monday, October 23, 2006

And it went...

...well! I'm cream crackered now, though.

Started at 10am, had a wee tour of the building, met my co-workers, got shown my welcome pack and my desk. Actually, credit to them, the welcome pack was quite good. It had a birds-eye view of the room, with names of who sat where on it. Genius! Especially if you're me, who often stands with a gaping mouth when required to remember someone's name.

Spent most of the day assembling ring-binders to be sent out to schools. I never, ever want to see a poly-pocket again. Wouldn't mind a Polly Pocket, though.

They also told me they'd booked me a space on the Christmas night out, in case I fancied it - we'll be going here, and I'm drooling already. Oh, and Òran Mór means Big Song, I think. That's the only Gaelic I know. Well, that and 'Dè a-nis?' which I'm fairly certain means, 'what now?'


I've just gorged myself on carrot cake, and, after I've made tomorrow's lunch (some kind of pasta salad methinks) I'm going to put my pyjamas on, and spend a delicious hour in the company of that unholy trinity of Clarkson, Hammond and May. Fabulous.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

C'est très étrange!

Glasgow, that is. Well, yesterday, I had a funny ol' day.

Originally I popped into town to try and get a stand-by haircut with a well known chain of hairdressers. Pfft. Went to three before I got an appointment, which was fine because it was Saturday. Got told to come back at 12.45pm and, 'Barry would squeeze me in.' (Sounded painful, but alright.) So I toddle off and have a quick cuppa with my Mum and her friend. People - I turned down a free lunch because I thought I didn't have time. I go back round for my appointment and I have this snooty moo, (who was around 50 and had half her hair dyed green - not a good look) look me up and down, and say in a thoroughly snidey and patronizing manner, 'no, we don't have any appointments left.' Won't be going back there again. The conclusion to this tale, is that I have a vast and unsightly mop of hair for starting work tomorrow. *sigh*

When the haircut thing didn't work out, I though I'd pop into the west end for a nosey about the delis. Into Roots 'n' Fruits I went and came out with the cutest baby aubergines and cherry tomatoes on the vine. I restrained myself from buying the mini pumpkins though. Then on to Byres Road, where I'm ambling along in my usual head-in-cloud-cuckoo-land manner when I hear shouting and look up. Well, it took me a few seconds to realise the shouting people were in fact my big bro and his gal. We had a brief chat, while I showed H the halloween costume I had procured (God help me) and we agreed to meet in half an hour for some coffee and cake in the coffee house. Two seconds later I was about to pop into the fishmongers and saw a French man (actually French!) wearing - get this - a black beret, proclaim, 'Langoustines! C'est manifique!' How fabulous is that? And then, about a minute later, slightly further down the street I came across a money/awareness raising stall for.....the Communist Party. Yup - one strange old day, I tell you.

Today will be getting organised for work, making my lunch (cous cous with roasted veg and feta, in case anyone is curious) and trying in vain to tidy my bedroom.

Argh. No, no, I'm perfectly calm. I'm perfectly calm. Oy yes, siree bob. Calm. Indeedeeo.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

To apply, or not to apply?

An entertainment guide are looking for food reviewers. Around 200 words, around about 2 restaurants a week for, er, a few weeks. Think I should give this a go, readers? I'm having an attack of the I-can't-possibly-write-anything-decent-and-be-paid-for-it nerves. Although I highly doubt I would get picked anyway, so I may as well give it a go. And then of course, there is the free food. Free food. Hm. It's a no-brainer, really, isn't it?